A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

An action platformer with cute graphics and no original ideas. Collect berries, defeat enemies with your magical attacks reach the goal. A short demo.

Combat improvements and some new graphics are the main highlight this time. There have been various changes under the hood and the game should run better and feel smoother as a result. However, many of the new features haven't been tested thoroughly, so this might be the buggiest demo yet.

I didn't have time to redraw all the sprites I wanted, so there's a bit of clash in terms of quality.

NOTE: Windows XP support is officially dropped as of DD15, as I no longer have any computers running XP, but there shouldn't be a reason why the game wouldn't still work with XP.

V.2 changes:

  • Fixed the bug granting additional extra lives if your score was brought back under the threshold
  • Can now jump while holding down when standing on solid ground; dropping off platforms still works like it used to
  • Fixed some bushes in the background being cut
  • Fixed camera / general jittering issues when not rendering at 60FPS

Known issues:

-There's some camera jitter that wasn't in the previous demo.

-The main font is still unreadable since I didn't have the time to draw a better one. Sorry about that.

Install instructions

To install, extract the archive somewhere and run the game. On Linux you must manually install SDL2, SDL2-image and SDL2-mixer, preferably from your distribution's repositories. Tested on Debian Jessie, Arch Linux and Windows 7.


Platformer-DD15_Lin_v2.tar.gz (8 MB)
Platformer-DD15_Win_v2.zip (9 MB)
(Old) Platformer-DD13-Lin.tar.gz (8 MB)
(Old) Platformer-DD13-Win.zip (9 MB)
(Old) Platformer-DD11.zip (9 MB)
(Old) Platformer-DDX.zip (9 MB)
(Old) Platformer DD9.zip (3 MB)


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too cute :3