A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

An action platformer with cute graphics and no original ideas. Collect berries, defeat enemies with your magical attacks reach the goal. A short demo.

This demo is somewhat rushed, so it's rough around the edges compared to previous demos, like new attacks not having new animations and such. Hopefully the bugfixes and gameplay changes make it worth updating anyway.

Known issues:
-Semi-solid platforms are a bit wonky right now

Install instructions

To install, extract the archive somewhere and run the game. On Linux you must manually install SDL2, SDL2-image and SDL2-mixer, preferably from your distribution's repositories. Tested on Debian Jessie, Arch Linux, Ubuntu 17.10 and Windows 7.


Platformer-DD17_Lin.tar.gz 8 MB
Platformer-DD17_Win.zip 9 MB
(Old) Platformer-DD15_Lin_v2.tar.gz 8 MB
(Old) Platformer-DD15_Win_v2.zip 9 MB


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wtf now it's suddenly Sonic

It's pretty alright, looks like you can do some advanced stuff judging from the gifs on the right. I'd say the level and enemy design could use a bit more polish but it was a pretty solid experience.

After the previous (DD15) demo I spent a good while tweaking the gameplay, since I felt the game was slow and dull. I think I'm on the right track, but I haven't been able to bring all aspects of the game up to speed yet, such as the enemy design.

As for levels, it's probably just lack of practise. I'll keep making new levels as the gameplay changes and hopefully get better at level design in the process.

too cute :3